While Suwannee County is attractive for nearly all types of economic development, the Economic Development Office has identified seven primary targeted industry sectors. Each one matches the region’s strengths, goals, and assets, as well as provides for a diversified and sustainable regional economy. These targeted sectors were chosen based upon the opportunity for growth, creation of quality jobs above the average wage, role in regional development, and their connections to other industries.


Transportation & Logistics

Transportation, Distribution, Warehousing & Assembly


Agronomy, Forage Production, Commercial Horticulture, Sawmills, Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises


Building Component Design, Machine

EcoTourism & Sports

EcoTourism, Sports & Recreation


Biofuels and Renewable Energy

Entertainment Production

Music & TV, Film Production, Cultural Arts

Retirement Services

Medical, Housing, Transportation

Breakdown of industries in Suwannee County, Florida

Statistics reflect current industries as of 2020.