Business Incentives

In Suwannee County economic development is our number one priority. That entails a shared commitment to support existing and attract new business development, expand and diversify the tax base, and create jobs in the area.

Employment Centers

We’ve established five sites, known as Employment Centers, that are dedicated areas intended for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, commercial, and other industrial uses. Each site is strategically located to make the most of interstates, highways, railways, and ports.

Catalyst Site: Suwannee County Regional Industrial Complex

Seven miles west of Live Oak on US Highway 90 and 1/2 mile from the Interstate 10 interchange, you’ll find a 500-acre industrial park named a Catalyst Site by Enterprise Florida. The project encourages growth in such areas as distribution, building component design and manufacturing, biofuels, and cleantech.

This site is an ideal setting for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and assembly just to name a few. The infrastructure at the site includes water, wastewater, electrical power, natural gas, fiber, and rail spur from the Florida Gulf and Atlantic mainline.

Community Support

Our community shares values such as taking care of our incredible environment. We’re looking for businesses that share our values, too. Encouraging a win-win fit is one way we look out for residents and make sure the community fully supports any business that comes here. It also means you’re likely to get along with your neighbors when you do move in.

Financial Incentives

Suwannee County Business FINANCIAL INCENTIVES


Economic Development is essential to the Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners. The board shares a unified commitment to attract new business development, to expand and diversify the tax base, and create jobs for local residents. Success in economic development ensures Suwannee County’s long-term financial ability to provide ongoing quality services and infrastructure and preserve the quality of life for its residential and corporate citizens.

These objectives are generally served by the enhancement and expansion of the local economy. Suwannee County will give consideration to providing economic development grants as a stimulus for new business development within the county.

Suwannee County’s grant program is a point-based system that is applied to the individual project criteria. It can be used for each of these categories: Locating a new industry, expanding an existing business, or developing speculative space within the County.


Rural Jobs Tax Credit

A Rural Jobs Tax Credit is an incentive for eligible businesses located in Suwannee County creating new jobs. The tax credit provides for $1,000 per qualified job and can only be taken against either the Florida Corporate Income Tax or the Florida Sales and Use Tax.

Statutory Reference: Section 212.098, Florida Statutes

Workforce Resources


Quick Response Training (QRT) is a customer-driven training program designed to respond quickly to meet the training objectives of a company.

Companies can select a local training provider—community college, area technical center, or university—which will be available to assist in the application process and program development and delivery.

Program instructors can be full or part-time educators, vendors, or subject matter experts. Reimbursable training expenses include: Salaries for instructors/ trainers; curriculum development; textbooks/manuals; and materials and supplies.

Businesses approved for QRT funding are limited to one grant award per site every two years. Approved training costs are disbursed to the training provider monthly, based on a cost reimbursement and performance method of payment.

Statutory Reference: Section 288.047, Florida Statutes


Workforce Florida, Inc. understands quality assurance and compliance can be critical to a company’s success and profitability. Florida’s Incumbent Worker Training Program has extensive experience in providing training needs in lean manufacturing, ISO and other quality management training.

Grant funding is available for reimbursement of training costs for existing employees. The award amount is based upon eligibility and need.

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